folderthumb 9 county Chairman congratualted Outgoing chairman  County Chairman congratualted Outgoing Chairman 8 H C with citation and blazer badge  The blazer badge has a blue background with the words Life Member around the top, the small lapel badge is very similar with life member inscribed.  Awarded to a Member who has given at least 10 years meritorious and conspicuous service to the objects of the Legion as defined by the Royal Charter and who holds the lesser National award of Gold Badge. The recipient retains his full membership rights without payment of subscriptions for the rest of his natural life. The fact that we applied for a "Gold Badge" for Horace was not lost on the National Chairman he simply decided that the award of Life Membership was more appropriate. Thus, even though Horace does not hold a Gold Badge award it was decided, at the top level in the Legion that he should be given the superior award of "National Life Membership" 6 Horace recieves gold award from National vice  chair RBL John Crisford  Horace recieves Gold Award from National Vice Chair RBL John Crisford
4cake  Cake 3 congratulations to new deputy chair   poppy organiser Peter Mouncer folderimage 2 new Chairman Douglas Smith
10 Evelyn Cross present at presentaion  Evelyn Cross present at presentaion