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mike Coles Nat chair RBL Jim Lane BEM president DMkt RBL Jim LaneBEM Shirley  Jill dep mayoress Janet and Alison  Janet and Alison
Humphries Raffle organisers RBLdin15  Humphries Raffle organisers horace and John crisford  Horace Cross MBE and John Crisford Cara treasurer  with friends RBLdin15  Cara treasurer, with friends BILL at RBL DINNER 15  Mr Bill Kerr - In March we had very successful Annual Dinner at DENTS the local farm and garden shop Restaurant. 98 people came along and the organiser was turning late bookers away at the end. local Mayor and deputy Mayor as well as National Chairman John Crisford attended. Local raconteur Mr Barry Hawkins was the after dinner speaker. Tables were set in 8s and 10s and much wine was consumed. Singing the National Anthem was led by Cara our new treasurer before we departed for home. Everyone said how much they enjoyed it and wished to come again next year . Well done to organiser Peter Mouncer